In the second consortium meeting of the CHPM2030 project, 23 participants representing 11 partners from the total 12 participated.

On the first day of the meeting the consortium partners discussed the work done so far within Work package 1 – Methodology framework definition.  The first deliverable of this work package, “EGS – Relevant review of metallogenesis” was presented by Eva Hartai, University of Miskolc. This document provides a review of metallogenic provinces in Europe. The ore-forming processes, the structure and the metal content of the ore deposits are discussed in the deliverable.

Special focus is put on the mineral potential in the depth and temperature zones that are currently the target of EGS.

The work done in relation of the “Knowledge gaps” (Task 1.2), the “Understanding the rock-mechanical and geo-chemical properties of orebodies from an EGS perspective” (Task 1.3) and “Development of new concepts for orebody-EGS” (Task 1.4) were presented by Gerhard Schwarz, Norbert Németh and János Szanyi, respectively. The planning work for the WP2 (M10-M24) and WP3 (M10-36) was also presented and discussed during this first day of the meeting.