Brussels, the capital of Europe and, for four days, the heart of geothermal innovation. It is inside the Royal Belgian Museum of Natural Sciences that the consortium meeting of the CHPM2030 project, hosted by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), VITO and the University of Leuven, takes place from 11 to 14 September. This cutting edge project focusses on combining geothermal energy technology with extracting mineral raw materials.

After a very productive preparation day on Monday and a lovely dinner in the historical center of Brussels, today marks the day of huge progresses for the CHPM2030 project. This second day is dedicated to an Advisory Board Workshop that allows the partners to present and discuss the work already accomplished along the project and to raise new questions to the experts in the advisory board. All day, technical topics are being analysed and, most importantly, the promising technical and economic potential of CHPM2030 are discussed and highlighted.

The reviewing of the project will now go on throughout the week but it feels already safe to say this meeting will mark an important stepping-stone in the project’s progress and, above all, in geothermal energy’s history. 

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