The successful social media campaign #CHPM4EU ended this month. The aim of the campaign was to inform general public and stakeholders about the disruptive technology the project plans to develop: a technology combining metal extraction and renewable energy generation. This would face two of the main challenges Europe is facing: the supply of raw materials and energy.

Each week a social media card addressing the different aspects of the project was published through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you missed the campaign below you can find a summary:

Today begins our campaign, 5 weeks to understand how will revolutionize Europe’s future! See you next week (or sooner..?) &

week 2: To make the best use of Europe’s resources, is pushing the research further, and deeper! &  – Learn more here!

week3: is Europe’s future. Today, it needs further research. Here’s how explores ore bodies’ potential –  &

week4: CHPM2030 not only works on energy but also on Europe’s resources. Here is how! &  – 

final week already! is ground-breaking. And : here is how the project assesses its impact on the environment: &