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Project brochure 3

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Project brochure 2

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Press Releases

Press Release | Brussels | May 2019. View. 

Press Release | Brussels | January 2019. Download. 

Press Release | Brussels | June 2016. Download.

Press Release | Brussels | October 2016. Download.

Press Release | Zürich | 7 July 2017. Download.

Press Release: 4th consortium meeting | Brussels | September 2017. Download.


Newsletter 1. June 2016. Download.

Newsletter 2. June 2017. Download.

Newsletter 3. August 2018. Download.

Newsletter 4. June 2019. Download.


Advisory Board member Harald G. Dill. Read here. 

Advisory Board member Christian Boissavy. Read here. 


Introduction. Download.

Fact Sheets

First Project Factsheet, 2016. Download.

Ore deposit formation across Europe. Download.

Enhanced Geothermal Systems. Download.

Metal mobilisation. Download.

Environmental aspects. Download.

Final Impact Factsheet, 2019. Download.




D1.1 EGS-relevant review of metallogenesis. Download.

D1.2 Report on data availability Download.

D1.3 EGS-relevant review of orebody structures Download.

D1.4 Conceptual framework for orebody-EGS Download.

D2.1 Recommendations for Integrated Reservoir Management Download.

D2.2 Report on metal content mobilisation using mild leaching Download.

D2.3 Report on metal content mobilisation with nanoparticles Download.

D2.4 Report on overall systems dynamics Download.

D3.1 Report on performance and design criteria for high-temperature, high- pressure electrolysis Download.

D3.2 Report on performance, mass and energy balances and design criteria for gas-diffusion electroprecipitation and electrocrystallization Download.

D3.3 Report on performance, energy balances and design criteria for salt gradient power reverse electrodialysis Download.

D4.1 Conceptual framework for CHPM power plant Download.

D4.2 Report on CHPM Process optimisation Download.

D4.3 CHPM schematics and blueprints Download.

D5.1 Integrated sustainability assessment framework Download.

D5.2 Economic feasibility assessment methodology Download.

D5.3 Self-Assessment Tool Download.

D5.4 Report on Policy Implications Download.

D5.5 Environmental impact assessment framework Download.

D5.6 Ethics Assessment Report Download.

D6.1 Report on Emerging and Converging Technologies Download.

D6.2 Report on pilots Download.

D6.2.1 Report on pilots: evaluation of the CHPM potential of Cornwall, South West England Download.

D6.2.2 Report on pilots: Portugal Iberian Pyrite Belt Download.

D6.2.3 Report on pilots: Evaluation of the CHPM potential of the study site, Romania Download.

D6.2.4 Report on pilots: The Kristenberg and Nautanen mining areas in Northern Sweden Download.

D6.2.5 Report on pilots: European outlook Download.

D6.3 Roadmap for 2030 and 2050 Download.

D8.3 Project report 1 Download.

D8.4 Project report 2 Download.

D8.5 Project Report 3 Download.