The CHPM2030 project is releasing a Delphi survey* this week, in order to look into the future of the Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction (CHPM) technology. It is sent out to a selected group of Experts, on geothermal energy and on the mineral sector. The participants are asked to express their opinion on uncertain, but important matters of this novel technology, to extract geothermal energy and metals in a single-interlinked process.

So far the project already provided a methodology framework, laboratory results on metal content mobilization, using mild leaching, and simulations for orebody characteristics (see The current tasks include metal recovery (at high pressure/temperature geothermal fluid electrolysis and at low pressure/temperature gas-diffusion electro-precipitation and electro-crystallization), system integration and integrated environmental assessment (environmental, social and financial aspects).

This survey is created by the working unit on Roadmapping and Preparation for Pilots, led by La Palma Research Centre. The goal in this work package is to set the ground for subsequent pilot implementation, including short-term planning (2030, preparation for pilots) and long-term planning (2050, Horizon Scanning, Delphi survey), and  research roadmaps for 2030 and 2050 that elaborate on how to get to the desired vision by the selected timelines. With this foresight tool, the 2-round Delphi survey, we are mapping future development of uncertain but important areas for CHPM technology application.

This form will present statements about the future (2050) and the Experts are invited to comment and express their opinion. The thematic field included in the survey covers deep geothermal drilling, reservoir stimulation, geochemical processes, corrosion issues, prospecting deep orebodies, hydrogeological modeling, public opinion and many more. Preparation for this Delphi survey involved the participation of the whole consortium at the last consortium meeting in Lanzarote.

(Photo credit: La Palma Research Centre)

The results of the first round will be collected, processed, condensed and integrated into the second round to update the experts. The participants therefore are going to comment in the light of the collective opinion of the sector on the selected thematic fields. The second round will include the same topics, but we expect to have more tangible inputs from the experts, as we reach towards consensus. We will use the input from the Delphi on creating a vision for CHPM and build a short and long term roadmap.

Call for Experts!

You are welcome to participate in the research on the future of the Combined Heat, Power and Metal extraction technology! Please email your field of expertise to Tamas Miklovicz ( and you will receive the form.

Note: Participation in the survey takes approximately 30 minutes and your answers will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous.

*The Delphi survey was originally developed as a technological forecasting technique, which aimed at reaching consensus over relevant technological developments. Nowadays, Delphi expanded into a variety of modified approaches. However, at its core Delphi stands out as a reliable method in situations where individual judgements must be tapped and combined to address an incomplete state of knowledge. Delphi is based on anonymous opinions of experts who are fed back the results of a round-based survey, allowing these experts to rethink their judgement and converge to consensus over key identified areas.