One of the project’s latest achievements is a report on pilots compiled by La Palma Research Centre which presents an evaluation framework that facilitates the investigation of potential study areas for CHPM technology. The same methodology was applied to five European areas (South West England, Portuguese Iberian Pyrite Belt, Romania Beius basin and Bihor mountains, Nautanen and Kristineberg in Sweden) evaluating their CHPM potential and characteristics. The report on pilots has been completed by the compilation of a European database of potential sites identified by the European Federation of Geologists’ national associations which collaborate as Linked Third Parties in the project. This information platform covers 24 European countries and presents geological data relating to mineral deposits and geothermal potential. The data is presented in an online freely accessible ESRI© Story Map and is particularly relevant for technology developers, researchers, and policy makers at national and EU level, informing them about areas where CHPM could be developed in the future. The info platform is available at the following link: